Hair Restoration Surgery

What is hair restoration surgery?

Hair transplant surgery is a surgical procedure in which DHT-resistant follicles (hair follicles that are not prone to balding) are relocated from a donor area to areas that are prone to baldness, i.e., the recipient area. 

While the most common source of donor hair follicles is the back and side of the scalp, advancements in technologies have also allowed doctors to harvest hair from other parts of the body such as the beard, chest, and axilla. 

There are two types of hair transplant procedures.

FUT hair transplant: In this procedure, a linear strip consisting of donor follicles is removed from the back of the scalp. This strip is then slivered and dissected into individual follicles which are carefully implanted into the recipient area. This surgery allows the surgeon to move a large amount of follicles in a short period of time, however, it leaves a linear scar which can be detectable if the hair is ever cut short. Post-operative recovery also tends to be more painful for patients.

FUE hair transplant: FUE transplant involves the extraction of individual hair follicles using a very thin, hollow instrument called a punch. This is a more intricate surgical process requiring a great deal of precision. It also allows the surgeon to extract donor follicles from other areas of the body (outside the scalp). This is advantageous when the donor area on the scalp is limited due to prior surgeries. The procedure avoids the linear scar associated with the FUT procedure. Because of this, patients have more styling options such as shaving their sides short. The post-op recovery from the FUE method is also much easier compared to FUT, with most patients being virtually pain-free in recovery.

With careful planning and proper medical and surgical management, hair restoration surgery can offer a permanent solution to hair loss. For many, hair restoration will improve self-confidence and be a life-changing procedure, turning back the clock, and restoring a youthful appearance.

It is important to recognize that it takes around 12 months to see the full results after an FUE hair transplant surgery.

As with any surgical procedure, there are potential risks including but not limited to bleeding, scarring, and infection.

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